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Nurses Job Opportunity in Perth - Australia

Looking for Job in Australia? If You are Nurse and interest to work in Australia, There is one of big Hospital in Perth province held recruitment for the Nurses who want to work with them in order to fill the position bellow :

  • NP - Nurse Practitioner
  • Experienced Theatre Nurses
  • Nurse Unit Manager - Mental Health
  • General Registered Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • RN - Registered Nurse - IMCU
  • Clinical Nurse - Adult Gastroenterology.

You can submit your CV or send them by email to : Elizabeth. These is a private hospital in Perth. Recently, They are opening a new trauma unit and require nurses now. So, act now and fulfill your dream of moving to work in Australia.

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Salary in Australia

Australia is one of the country that most attractive destination for skilled workers to get high salary, the business country which has comparatively high in economic status. For the job seeker, it has never been easier to find an employment and become an Australian resident.

Those people who want to live and work in Australia they should learn information about base salary, signing and year-end bonuses, working hours, vacation time, and other special perks and reimbursements from the agency or job employee.

Whether you are a Nurse, Engineer or you work for other industries, including Banking and Finance, IT, Legal, and Sales or Marketing, you will earn good salary and you can spend your money from monthly salaries in a country with high purchasing power.

Bellow are some of wide range salaries from selected job sectors in Australia, Please note that the amounts given bellow are in local currencies. (1 Australian Dollar = 0.82781 US Dollar):

- Job salaries in IT sector : Computer Programmer 78,100 - 112,000, Graphic Designer 52,500 - 79,500, Help Desk Supervisor 81,000 - 121,400.
- Job salaries in Medical sector : Registered Nurse (RN's) $55,000 - $78,000, Dental Hygienist 65,200 - 90,100
- Job salaries in Banking sector : Accountant 60,100 - 92,100, Banking Customer Service 36,350 - 54,800
- Job salaries in Engineering sector : Mechanical Engineer 73,900 - 113,600, Mining Engineer 69,000 - 124,600
- Salary in other job sector : Marketing Manager 72,000 - 133,600, Machinery Maintenance Mechanic 43,300 - 66,000, Host/hostess Restaurant 22,500 - 34,100, Electronics Technician 52,400 - 77,800, Bartender 24,900 - 37,900

All given salaries are calculated before taxes, excluding bonuses, incentives and compensation may you get in monthly salary.

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Jobs in Australia

Are you looking for Job in Australia? Many employees their offering job in australia such as Advertised Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Education and Training Jobs, Human Resources Jobs, Mechanical Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Marine Jobs, Medical Jobs, Banking Jobs, Telecommunications Jobs.

If you have skill and good experience may you submit your CV to the one of jobs employee which offering nice job and big salary for you. Find your job in Australia trough job marketing now!

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